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Kodomo Baby Lotion Powder 180ml

Kodomo Baby Lotion Powder offers the benefits of baby powder in the form of lotion. This dust free baby powder smoothes on as a liquid and leaves a smooth, satin-like powdery after-feel, leaving babies' skin feeling soft, comfortable and free from dampness. Clinically proven to be safe even on sensitive skin, it is enhanced with Anti-Rash formula to help protect skin from rashes and moisturizers to gently care for delicate skin. It also contains Kodomo's unique Safety Fragrance, which is tested to International Dermatological Standards, and keeps your baby smelling fresh and fragrant all day long. It is ideal for use after bath and during diaper change.

  • Smoothes on as velvety lotion that dries quickly and transforms into baby powder with its unique “Dust-Free” powder formula
  • Absorbs dampness, leaving a smooth, satin-like powder after-feel
  • Clinically proven non-irritating to skin with Anti-Rash and Moisturizer
  • Ideal for use after bath and during diaper change
  • Available in 200ml Bottle

Kodomo Baby Lotion Powder 180ml

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