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FUNSKOOL Anti-Monopoly

 Free-market competitors clash with ruthless monopolist.

• Competitors charge fair rent, create supply and demand and can end a price war.

• Monopolists are greedy, charge high rents, restrict supply, but can go to prison for price fixing.

• The players follow different rules, depending on their status, in their quest for big money and real estate.

• Product Includes - 28 Title cards, 25 Competitor cards,25 Monopolist cards, Game Board, 6 Pawns, 50 Houses and apartments, Dice, Paper Money

• The real estate trading game for the 21st century

• An update of the "monopoly" folk game invented a 100 years ago

• The ultimate addition to your family game nights.

FUNSKOOL Anti-Monopoly

SKU: 8901383498809
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